January 2014 Mission Trip

January 2014 Mission Trip

Merry Christmas, December 2013

My God Is So Big, November 2013

Video Montage, May 2013, Mission Trip

Erosion Damage, September 2012

Two Boys Rapping

Welcoming Visitors, August 2012

Mission Trip, August 2012

Orphanage Kids Learning to Sing Hallejuah, July 2012

Kids at Orphanage Singing, July 2012

Motorcycle Through the Floodwaters, July 2012

Kids at the Orphanage, May 2012

Haitian Drumming and Singing, May 13, 2012

‘Via Dolorosa’, Fellowship Easter Service, April 8, 2012

Church & Orphanage, 2012

Kids at the Orphanage, 2012

Kids singing at an Orphanage, 2012

Men singing at church, 2012

Heart of God Haiti, 2010″

Haiti Trip, 2010

Learning “Jesus Loves Me”

Heart of God International