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One of our goals at Heart of God Haiti is to provide folks like you with the ability to personally impact the lives of extremely impoverished men, women and children. By joining one of the frequent missions to Haiti, you can literally change a life by agreeing to leave all your creature comforts behind and spend a week interacting with the children and adults of Haiti.  We refuse to call them “mission trips” because time spent as a member of a Heart of God Haiti Mission Team is more than a trip, more than a vacation, and certainly more than a few days of rest and relaxation. It is a “mission” ordained by God and led by His Holy Spirit to draw more people into a knowledge of Him through the witness and testimony of our team members.

We would be honored to have you join one of our missions as a team member.  To help prepare you for the mission, we have provided some FAQs below which should answer many of your questions.  If you have more questions not covered in the information below, please contact David Young by email here.

Thanks for considering Heart of God Haiti Mission Outreaches as a means by which you can become involved in making a difference!


What are the dates you typically set aside for mission outreaches to Haiti?

During a typical year, we may have three to four missions to Haiti, but it’s possible we could have more if there was interest. We try to plan a mission in January, May/June, August, and November.  We have trained leaders on stand-by to help lead a mission anytime a group forms with the goal of sharing the love of Jesus Christ to the people in Haiti.

What kind of shots would a team member need before they could be considered eligible to go to Haiti?

Everyone considering joining a mission team to Haiti should have a valid passport not due to expire within six months of your departure date.  Although not mandatory, we strongly urge each team member to have certain immunizations against tetanus, HEP A & B, and antimalarial medications such as Quinine and related agents, Chloroquinine, Mefloquine, Doxycycline, etc.  A potential team member should also have clearance from his/her personal physician to travel internationally and be in good health.

What is the application process?

You can download the application here.  You will note that it is rather extensive and we ask a lot of questions.  This is done so we have as much information about you as possible, not only so we can gear the trip toward your strengths and talents,  but we require contact information should a situation arise where we need to get in touch with those you designate as emergency contacts.  Along with your completed application, you will need to send your non-refundable deposit, a photocopy of the inside page of your passport, as well as a photograph we can use for your ID tag.  Without these additional items, your application is not considered complete and cannot be confirmed.

How are team members prepared for their specific mission?

Once a team member has submitted his/her complete application, they will be notified of their acceptance and given information about a team email group which is used to communicate to the entire team about their specific mission.  Some training materials will be shared with the team members through this special email group; each team member is required to check their email frequently to stay on top of updates and discussions related to projects and opportunities presenting their mission.

Because we often have team members from various locations across the country, getting together for a training period is not cost-effective and would drive up the cost of the overall mission. In order to keep the costs as low as possible we will plan to have some meetings with the team electronically.  This enables each team member to meet their partners on their mission and begin to build a team approach to the various projects planned for the specific mission.

Depending on logistics, it may be necessary to stage international travel in Miami and spend an evening together as a team prior to flying to Port au Prince. This also gives the team an opportunity to get to know each other and begin to blend together as a team.  This will not always be the case, however, and depends on each team member’s point of departure.  You will be notified once your specific team forms whether or not this additional staging day will be included in your mission.

How much does a mission trip to Haiti cost?

Although the actual cost may fluctuate as airfare prices rise, the cost for a 7/8-day trip is $2,250.  This includes your airfare from your point of departure, staging in Miami (if necessary), lodging, ground transport, two meals a day, and project materials.  It is recommended that each team member bring about $100 cash to use for souvenirs and for snacks or any extras not included in your fee.  Heart of God Haiti does not cover the cost of passports, immunizations, seat upgrades or luggage fees unless otherwise specified or prearranged.

Can I make payments on my trip fee?

Absolutely! Each application has included a schedule of payments broken down with due dates.  It is necessary that your fee be paid in full at least 10 days prior to departure.  Check the application for your specific trip to see a suggested schedule of payments.

What does a typical day on mission look like?

The team normally meets for breakfast at the Guest House at 7:30 am and plan to be ready to leave for the Center by 8:15 am.  The team will travel together up the mountain and arrive in about 15-20 minutes.  If the children are not in school, there will be a flurry of activity with kids hugging and showing off.  If the kids are in school, there will be projects planned and activities that will need to be completed without the kids around.  The days go by quickly as a lot of time is spent working with the kids and doing upgrades and repairs to the property.  One day during the week will be set aside for a field trip with the children along with lunch at a restaurant and some play time at a playground at the Baptist Mission.  Because the days are shorter and we want to be down the mountain before dark, we will normally leave the Center by 6:00 pm (if not sooner) and head back to the Guest House for supper.

After supper, the team will meet together to review the day and do a debriefing exercise.  A devotional will be shared by one of the team members (everyone takes a turn), and then plans for the next day will be made.  After our team meeting, there is opportunity to use the internet to upload photos and send emails to family and friends.

Is Haiti dangerous?

To be honest, there are areas in Haiti that are dangerous.  We have built a trustworthy team who will help us upon arrival and stay with us as we travel up the mountain.  Once we are out of the Port au Prince area, there is not much cause for concern although we are always guarded.  As long as the team stays together and practices common sense while heeding the warnings and advice of the mission leaders, you should not have any problems.

As I consider joining an upcoming team, what specific things should I pray about?

This is an excellent question because we really are interested in taking people who understand the power of prayer and who understand the need of being an example of Christlikeness toward the children and the members of the community of Godet and throughout Haiti.  Please pray specifically for God to:

  • put together the team He has called to this specific mission and equip each member for the tasks He has appointed to this particular outreach;
  • show us what projects need to be done and to provide the financial means to complete them in a way that glorifies Him;
  • help the team coordinate the VBS and similar programs where the children will learn a new aspect of God’s love;
  • protect the team before, during, and after the mission;
  • bless the children and adults with provision that meets their unique needs;
  • empower and equip the team to spread the Gospel through demonstration and testimony;
  • protect the team from illness, especially malaria and other tropical diseases to which they may be exposed;
  • cause the team to bind together as one voice with one purpose and one agenda in Haiti;
  • raise up more donors and partners who understand and share the vision for Haiti;
  • help the team bring glory to Him and an awareness and appreciation of all to whom the team ministers of the finished work of the Cross of Calvary.


THANK YOU for your interest in joining a Heart of God Haiti Mission Team!

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