Motorcycle I Spy

When I ride a moto I like to play a game of I Spy where I look at each passing moto and the contents it is transporting. Probably about 50% of the time it is carrying something that would be better suited for riding in the back of a truck. Here are some of the more interesting finds:

A coffin…empty? Not empty? Who knows?

A metal door.

A goat.

Two goats.

Two pigs.

A ten foot long gutter which was positioned to clothesline any pedestrians or fellow motorists who didn’t hear the warning horn.

Four cases of Coca Cola stacked on top of each other, strapped in with some twine…hopefully whoever tied it used to be a boy scout.

A mattress.

A white girl in a mini skirt…now you’re just making us all look bad.

A sack of flour, a sack of rice, plus two adult passengers…hoping they knew each other because if they didn’t before that moto ride they sure did once it was over.

Seven children holding onto each other for dear life.

Having no vehicle means lots of moto rides so I am sure this list will only increase in both number and level of ridiculousness…or at least I hope it will.


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