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One of our goals at Heart of God Haiti is to provide for the overall well-being of extremely impoverished and/or orphaned children. In so doing, we provide them with emotional, physical, educational, spiritual, and nutritional support. We have made great strides to reform our program to reunite families once torn apart because of abject poverty which not only empowers the children in our program to thrive and grow into successful adults, but it strengthens families and communities and, ultimately, the country.

We have found the best way to accomplish our goals is to provide three areas of sponsorship opportunities for our friends and supporters.

Family SponsorshipsFamily Sponsorship

As of June, 2017, our children have been reunited with their biological families or placed in a foster home where they are in a much healthier family environment. This allows them to develop relationships within their own families and communities while learning life skills they will need to be successful as adults.

Our team on the ground in Haiti continues to check in with the children at least once a month to ensure they are attending school and having their basic needs met. We provide monthly food to some of the families as well as clothing and medical care for all the children. We also cover all the children’s school tuition, books and uniforms. This helps ensure the children will be able to remain with their families and not be at further risk for being placed in another orphanage.

To sponsor a family. click here.

School SponsorshipsSchool Sponsorship

Heart of God Haiti has adopted two schools who were struggling to keep teachers because of erratic (and oftentimes nonexistent) support from the government. Each of these schools has been blessed with wonderful men and women who have sacrificed much on behalf of the children because they understand the value of an education in a Christian environment. By supporting the schools, the children benefit greatly and in many ways.

Not only do these teachers provide an education, they teach life skills the children will need to thrive as adults. Reading, writing and arithmetic are only a part of the benefit from school attendance. The children receive a meal every day; this is critical to several families due to the severity of their circumstances. The children learn in disciplined and respectful environments while enjoying the benefit of socialization with others within their communities, and so much more.

Because these teachers need to be able to support their own families, something not possible while depending on a regular paycheck from the government, we find it not only beneficial but necessary to help them so they can continue to be there for the children while not neglecting their own family responsibilities.

None of this would be possible without your sponsorship and prayerful support. To sponsor a school, please click here.


Each school year starts with a flurry of finding help for children who cannot otherwise attend school due to the poverty levels in their families. Rather than frantically seeking sponsors for student scholarships at the last minute, we are making it possible to sponsor a child’s school expenses (registration, tuition, uniform, books and supplies) throughout the year. This will make it easier for our team on the ground to quickly identify the most needy children and get them registered for school in a timely manner.

Your gift of Student Scholarships will be held in a special account until it is needed. Although we cannot always guarantee it, we will do our best to let you know about the child you are helping so you can keep them in prayer throughout the school year.

To participate in the Student Scholarship program, please click here.


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