New Experiences for Fegens & Ezechiel

Hooray! School actually started on time this year (for the first time in 4 years I’ve heard). New books, new shoes, new backpacks, new classes. It is definitely a time of year when plenty of change and adjustment is going on. And two of our boys are experiencing more change and adjustment than the others. Both Fegens and Ezechiel are no longer living at the center with the other kids and both have already started new lives in their new homes.

Heart of God Haiti, Fegens Pierre


Fegens, by no fault of his own, had a minor argument with a member of the church here in Godet. Unfortunately, this member of the church convinced Pastor Justin that kicking him out was the only solution. After some time talking and reasoning, Pastor Justin decided that other solutions had to be sought out first. One of those solutions was having Simon and his family foster Fegens. They would house him, feed him, and make sure he went to school and church. Simon and his sons, daughter, and nephew agreed to make Fegens the newest member of their family. He is now attending Baptist Mission School and lives just a short moto ride away from Godet. He will still be under Heart of God Haiti’s care as far as education, clothes, medical care, shoes, and other necessities go. We are planning on having him visit us every Saturday so he can see his brothers and friends.



Ezechiel’s move has a much different reason behind it. While I was in the states in August, a sickle cell crisis began. Our staff took him to the Kenscoff Clinic which is run by the same organization that runs the orphanage that is helping process Ednel and Ezechiel’s adoption. When I got the call in the states that the crisis was pretty severe, my friend who runs the clinic asked if I would like Ezechiel to stay at that orphanage during the remainder of my stay in the states. I agreed and he moved in. A week later, back in Haiti, I visited him and discovered he already had a little group of friends he was hanging out with. He and the nurse at the orphanage became fast friends and all the other staff there already knew him by name. Knowing Ezechiel would eventually be calling this orphanage home once his adoptive parents’ paperwork was processed, I sat down with the director who is a good friend. We talked about how well adjusted Ezechiel already is and how due to his illness it would make sense for him to just stay. I presented the news to Ezechiel and he was all smiles…mostly because I told him someday he would have a mom and dad and a home in the states. I’ve seen Ezechiel many times since then and he always has a smile on his face and a little friend by his side. Hopefully the paperwork will be finished soon and Ednel can join them as they wait to go to their forever home.

Needless to say the atmosphere here at the center in Godet is definitely different. I certainly miss Ezechiel’s high pitched giggle and the conversations Fegens and I would have in English. I am so used to counting out everything by 18 that I am still getting 18 cookies with peanut butter ready in the evenings. I ask that you please pray for both boys and the adjustments they face this week at a new school. Pray for them to find good friends and be put in classrooms with great teachers. I truly believe the moves they have made I think are God’s work and that they will be all the more blessed because of it.


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